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Aging wisely

I used to be so strong and now I get these aches and pains that I never had before. I know I need to make changes in my meals, yet I’m not sure what to do anymore.” This expression might sound familiar if you live or work with the senior population.   When we speak…

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Is organic worth the price?

Organic is in fashion! A question I get asked often is, “But why is organic produce more expensive? Is it really worth the price?” The word “Organic” refers to the way farming produces our agricultural produce, using crop rotation in order to keep our soil in tip top shape to avoid elements that damage the earth and…

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10 Benefits to Juicing

Juicing has become quite popular during this last decade. It’s nutritious and a simple way to use your weekly produce! One, two, three and…just sip, feel healthy and start your day re-energized! We’re great fans of juicing and we want to share some tips with you so your day begins with good health. Be creative!…

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Eat green, Eat local

Most of us believe in a green surrounding – whether we recycle, make changes in our homes by purchasing green cleaning products, read articles and purchase magazines that speak about our environment and ways to improve it or buy weekly local produce that supports farmers and our land. What changes can we make as families…

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Eat like Popeye if you wish to see better

Last Saturday, we had invited an old friend of ours, Marie for lunch. We started off with some delicious baked kale chips (add paprika if you want them spicier) and a low-fat yogurt dip. As the weather is perfect for grilling, we made some salmon (quick and easy!) and added our fresh chopped dill and…

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