Corporate Wellness Programs

Our signature program, Your Hungry Heart, combines diverse areas that allow employees to feel better about themselves, care for their families and be happier at home and at work, which include:

Cooking Demonstrations

We all love to eat! Who doesn’t love to watch a short and practical healthy breakfast or meal that they can try, get a recipe and modifications for and be able to do at home quickly and efficiently?

Nutrition Counseling

We all do better with a good listener, a kind health coach! Do your employees have specific health concerns, maybe diabetes, high cholesterol, food allergies, high blood pressure, digestive issues or even family members suffering from health conditions that need individualized attention?

Nutrition Workshops

We all love to share recipes and nutrition advice! Why don’t you host a series of “nutri-licious” workshops that will bring buzz to the working environment?

Body Measurement

We need to have a starting point! When was the last time your employees were able to step on a specialized scale, a “one-stop shop” scale, that measured seven fitness indicators of health, including body fat, muscle mass, Body Mass Index, body weight, visceral fat, resting metabolic rate and calculated their “REAL BODY AGE?”

Stress Management

We all use the word “Stress, Stress, Stress”! How can your employees reduce their daily stress with practical tips and tricks that can be applied at work and at home?

Fitness and Movement

We all must move! Why can’t fitness be energetic, fun and make our employees smile all day long, through stretching, strength and aerobic dance or movement?

Mindfulness and Breathing

We all are more productive when we’re less distracted! Why not teach your employees how to be “in the present moment” throughout their day at work, by learning specific breathing and relaxation techniques?