Phoenix Business Journal

"Debbie has a passion for everything she does in life! When I first met with Debbie, I couldn’t believe the energy level she had in our meeting. Her knowledge about Health Care was incredible, but also her willingness to learn about all aspects of Marketing, Networking, etc. truly showed me she’ll succeed in anything she takes on! I strongly recommend Debbie!"

Mike Mall – Director of Advertising, Phoenix Business Journal

Nutrition Resolution

"Debbie Polisky was the best boss I've ever had. She empowered her employees by allowing us to perform duties in the areas of our strengths, and built a very strong department. All of her employees are extremely loyal as Debbie earns their trust in her leadership. She is a pleasure to work with, and usually has the most positive attitude of anyone else in the room. If you choose to work with Debbie, I have no doubt she'll become a favorite colleague of yours as well!"
Alyssa – Owner of Nutrition Resolution, LLC

Childrens Action Alliance

"Debbie was a joy to work with.  She translated a complex, nearly 200 page document in a timely manner.  We have really enjoyed working with her."
Matt Jewett – Director of Health Policy – Children’s Action Alliance

Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Assoc

"Debbie Polisky and her company Words & Health is an incredible asset for any healthcare project. Professional translation with a focus on healthcare literacy is a unique and valuable resource that is difficult to find. Debbie and her staff did a tremendous job translating a website project that was critical to Arizona’s healthcare system and did it in an extremely short time period. She is a gem to work with."
Pete Wertheim - VP of Arizona Hospital Association

Frances Art Plus Cookies

"If you’re looking for education and inspiration about nutrition and health then Debbie Polisky is your resource. Debbie's company Words & Health is the place to go for a recipe for health and well being. She has knowledge and enthusiasm that’s contagious!! Meet with Debbie for a roadmap to a healthier life!"
Frances – Fine Art and Gourmet Cookies, Frances Art Plus Cookies

Balanced Business

"Debbie Polisky is a wonderful speaker and makes health topics fun and interesting. She is so knowledgeable and poised before a variety of audiences. With the cost of healthcare so expensive, our alternative is to be healthy. I am happy to recommend Debbie for business presentations and individual consultations."
Deb – Owner of Balanced Business Consulting LLC

Sir Speedy

"Debbie is passionate about health and very enthusiastic about teaching how easy it is to learn healthy eating."
Bridget – Owner - Sir Speedy Printing and Marketing , Glendale, AZ

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