10 Tips To Weight Loss – Does it always have to be a struggle?

Why is it so difficult to lose weight – whether those 20 pounds or the last 5 pounds? Especially difficult when we are surrounded by food, day and night, wherever we go. We celebrate with food whether we’re happy, bored, sad or frustrated.

Let’s start with our 10 Tips to Weight Loss:

  • Don’t think of DIET but think of lifestyle changes. It’s so easy to “go on a diet” and then “go off the diet” after your special party or event. A lifestyle change is gradual and more challenging but the end results are more gratifying – you usually maintain your weight off for a longer period of time.
  • Less is More. You might be craving your favorite chocolate bar right at this moment. Maybe even dreaming about biting into that luscious pastrami sandwich. The more you delay feeling satisfied with your cravings, the worst it gets. Use the word moderation instead. You can enjoy a piece of chocolate (less) without having to eat the huge bar of it (more). Our taste buds get satisfied quickly if we can really enjoy and pay attention to what we’re eating. Mindfulness is the joy of being in the present moment with our delicious handful of chips or sweets yet enjoying them one by one – slowly.
  • Why are you eating? Think about the reasons behind your munching habits. Is it really hunger or just boredom? Or anger? Or frustration? Or even happiness? Keep a food log with quantities and the reason you ate that meal. The more you understand the reasoning behind those extra calories, the better choices you can make.
  • Choose water over food for that calming sensation that can fill you up with no extra calories. Adding slices of lime or lemon helps soothe your digestive system. How about a hot broth or a caffeine free herb drink? Fluids can fill us up and make our cravings go away.
  • Divide your meals throughout the day. Research shows that those who consume smaller meals – such as four to six small meals, are more satisfied. Not eating all day tends to drive up that urge for those salty or sweets which are low in nutrients but high in calories. Burn fuel slowly and you’ll be more satisfied.
  • Have only healthy options at home! It’s so easy to be tempted when our kitchen cabinets are packed with chocolates, sweets and bags of chips. If you had a special party with guests, give away the leftover pies and cookies. Have ready sliced apples or fruit salad in your fridge. Make yourself a fruit smoothie with low fat yogurt as a snack.
  • It’s all about the portions. Don’t supersize your meals! Save money and your tummy by choosing small meals. If you can order a senior or kid’s portion, even better. Fill up on a green salad with light dressing.
  • Choose new light recipes to cook your meats, chicken and fish. Have you tried grilling or baking these meats? Add some fresh herbs and lemon juice and voila! Even your dining room will smell healthy!
  • Don’t skip breakfast. Start your day with some lean protein, carbohydrates and low-fat dairy products and fresh fruit.  Research shows that those who eat a morning meal tend to maintain their weight.
  • Make gradual changes. Rome wasn’t built in a day! You can’t expect your body to adapt to drastic changes which aren’t good for you. Take it one step at a time.