Did you start the year with a healthy weight?

It’s a New Year! We’ve celebrated and enjoyed the holiday season and now it’s time to commit to change. Was weight loss one of the “to-do” items on your New Year’s Resolution list? If so, you’re not alone.  Losing weight is usually at the top of the list of many individuals who promise to shed a few or many pounds in the coming year.


So, if we’re so eager to reach this goal – why is the failure rate so high? First of all, it’s important to be specific about your goal by writing down the real number of pounds you want to reach. Keeping track of your goals and looking at them over and over again really helps stay motivated.


Be realistic. You know it’s not feasible to lose 50 pounds in a week. Set a goal you can reach and that’s sustainable in the long run.


What’s your plan? Losing weight is work – it takes a lot of perseverance, positive attitude and motivation to make changes to meal plans, to eat healthy and understand portion control.  Last but not least, set a timeframe to reach your goal. If obstacles have come in the way, then set a new deadline.




Did you know there is a week every year in January dedicated to our healthy weight? Come and celebrate the 18th annual Healthy Weight Week, January 15-21, 2012 which will celebrate “Rid the world of Fad Diets & Gimmicks Day. January 19 will dedicate to Women’s Healthy Weight Day. Yes, we all want the quick and easy fix but why not celebrate healthy free-dietary habits which can last a lifetime?




To lose weight, we must eat fewer calories than our body uses. This means learning to eat wisely – choosing more volume to fill us up, highly nutrient dense foods (nutritious) without too many calories – such as vegetables and fruits!


You can create your favorite dishes by substituting higher calorie ingredients with fruits and vegetables. Have you tried homemade applesauce as a sweetener for your desserts? How about a handful of homemade kale chips instead of your favorite salty snack?


The amazing thing about fruits and vegetables is that most are naturally low in fat and calories while being filling. If you’re just starving, it’s better to be able to have unlimited salad of all types of greens, celery, carrots, radishes and tomato with a mix of lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, mustard and spices instead of just a small piece of chocolate!


Celebrate your current weight while making gradual changes to your eating habits. Not only will more vegetables benefit your weight but let other family members be creative in the kitchen. Join the fun!